"Navarre land of diversity "

When we say that Navarre is diverse we want to say that in a radius of 80 Kms we can go from the largest beech forest in Europe, to the Bardenas desert, declared Natural Reservoire of the Biosphere by the UNESCO. Starting history from the former Roman villas we go on to the work of the most famous contemporary architects. We learn from the ancient traditions to inspire modern technologies, such as the wind generators … Navarre is singular and diverse

Balconies – Running With the Bulls

From July the 6th  to the 14th   Pamplona goes from calm to crazynes, it is SAN FERMIN.

You will take  part in one of the most famous events  in the world, the running of the bulls. You can either wait for the action in the street with the runners (and take your risks…) or in one of our balconies, sharing a warm “café con leche” with your friends ready to take pictures. We have several balconies all along the running, so you can live it from diferent angles. We offer all kind of  special services for our clients molding totally to your needs. We have some of the best balconies for the opening ceremony on July 6th (we call it “El Txupinazo”) We  can guide you around the city discovering the hot spots of the party as well as all the historical locations in the city. We can get  for you the best tickets for the bull-fight. Just ask us what you need and we will get it for you.


Discover the Pyrenees

In the northen part of Navarre, natural border with France, we find the greenest forests and rugged peaks. Navarre is pure nature where ancient traditions are part of everydays life:  the carnivals, half holly half pagan. The  witchs and warlocks are not just a tradition, they have their home here in the mountains,where they rule the forest. The  cheese makers know when to milk the sheeps acording to the moon so they can make the best cheeses.  The valleys of Roncal and Salazar, Iraty forest, the overwhelming valleys of Baztan and Ultzama and the  sierras de Andía and Aralar  will make you belive in nature again.

Foodies and Wine Lovers

For the Romans, and in the middle ages for the pilgrims, Navarra was the land of bread and wine. Here comes the famous proverb of the “CAMINO” that says «with wine and bread you walk the way».

With over 200 wineries in Navarra, we have become one of the best destination for wine lovers in the world. We have large wineries, such as Otazu or Pagos de Araiz where the arquitecture  is as espectacular as their wines, but we also have family run ones like Palacio de Muruzabal or bodegas Lezaun where the old traditions are still part of the heart  and soul of the wines.

And remember that Rioja wine region is only 30 minutes away from Pamplona,  this way we can visit two wine regions while you are here.

We are also well known for our gastronomy. Just think in fresh and  organic vegetables, tender T bone steaks, tasty sheep cheeses. If you are a foodie, let us share ower ovens with you.

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Descubre Pamplona

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La selva de Irati

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Tierra de Bodegas

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Puente La Reina

Puente La Reina – Navarra- Novotur Guias turisticos de Navarra

Discover the Pyrenees

DISCOVER THE PYRENEES In the northen part of Navarre, natural border with France, we...

Bardenas Reales Parque Natural

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