Castles and Palaces

Knowing that the Kingdom of Navarra  was independent until 1512 (this was the moment when Spain bacame Spain) makes us understand the need to protect the land with castles, fortresses, walled villages...  everything was needed to protect the kingdom. The castle of Javier  and the Palace of Olite (both from XV century) will show you  our history . The  fortified church of Ujué, is the perfect location to understand how church a politics worked together in the middle ages.  Also the magnificent walls of Artajona, wil make you go back in time wile you walk on them. By the way Artajona was a filming set for Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn´s  “Robin and Marian” movie.

Cerco de Artajona - Novotur Guias Turisticos de Navarra


Castillo de Olite -  Novotur Guias Turisticos de Navarra


Baztan - Navarra