Camino de Santiago – Eunate – Puente la Reina – Estella – Tours

Today we will discover part of the Camino de Santiago, Saint James’ Path or lately named “The Way”.

camino de santiago tours

camino de santiago tours

We are heading towards the point where all the different paths that start in Europe become One. This village is called Puente la Reina and it owns its name thanks to the 11th century bridge that crosses the river Arga in the village. This magnificent romanic bridge is the most significant construction in the village, but we cannot miss the church of the Crucifix and the church of Saint James where all the pilgrims stop to pray to the saint, asking for a strength for their body and soul.

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From Puente la Reina we will go to the humble hermit of Santa María the Eunate (12th century). The hermit, in romanic style, is full of misteries. Noone knows who constructed it and with what purpose, was it a pilgrim’s hostel?, A hospital?, Was it a funeral piece for a queen?, or maybe we should speak about the templers. Either way its unique energy will make you feel something special.

There is a great saying in the Camino: “with wine and bread you walk the Way”, so it is time to discover the world’s famous Navarra wine in a small family-run winery. In their 14th century cellar they have two barrels of wine waiting for us.

After good food and wine we have to go on with our visit in Estella where we will see the royal palace (12th century) and some of the best gothic doorways of Navarre.

The Camino is unique!!