The Basque Coast


Today we will discover one of the most beautiful cities of the Basque Country, San Sebastián, but before we will start our day in Guetaria. Guetaria is a fisherman’s village founded in 1180.

Guetaria has two mayor historic characters. One is Juan Sebastián Elcano (1476-1526), who was the man who circunnavigated the world for the first time.  You probably thought it was Magallanes, but he didn’t finish the trip, he died at the Philippines. We will see the scuplture in memory of Elcano’s effort. The other gentleman who changed history (fashion history) was Christobal Balenciaga (1895-1972). We will be able to visit his museum and see dresses once owned by Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly … We will learn  how Mr. Balenciaga freed women.

There is another thing that makes Guetaria special and that is the amazing young white wine that is produced only here and that is called “Txakoli”. We cannot leave the village without tasting it, so we will also visit a Txakoli Winery.

Now it is the moment to discover the elegant San Sebastian. We will start our visit at the great view point of Iguelgo Mountain.  From up here you will be able to discover the greatness of the city. We will go down in a cable car that is over a hundred years to see the great work of art made by local artist, Chillida, named the “Wind Comb”. It is a corten-steel sculpture that greets the wind into the city. Following the wind, now in our bus, we will go around the bay of “La Concha”. We will hop off the bus at the old quarter to discover the history, the traditions and one of the most famous things in the city, the tapas, or as locals them, the pintxos. Pintxos are a small bite that are incredibly displayed over the counters of all the bars in San Sebastian. You can make a dinner out of pintxos. It might seem to be a difficult task to ask for a tapa for the first time, but with the help of our guides, you will be an expert in the next 5 minutes. Tapas is all about good food, good wine and  good friends. Life is perfect in San Sebastian.